Staff information how to update the Calendar

How to Update the Calendar

This page contains background for how staff in each Center can update their calendar.

The NIH NCBC project team would like to publicize scientific, educational, or training talks that are offered to the public by your Center. These may be seminars at your home Institution, web-based seminars, or offerings at national meetings. We have heard from the internal NIH community and the broader biomedical computing community that they would like to know when these events are taking place at a time and place that are convenient for them.

Please do your best to keep the Google-hosted on-line calendar of events for your Center up-to-date. The events in your individual calendars are aggregated and shared publicly through our NCBC portal ( NIH program staff has also been sending out monthly emails via a dedicated listserv to announce upcoming events. Contact Stephanie Sabourin ( for information on how to sign up to that page.

We'd like to see as many of your events show up on the calendar and in the email announcements as possible.

Confirm Your Account

Confirm your contact person for the Google calendar. (The list is included below)

Accessing your centers Google calendar

To access your centers calendar visit: Log in using one of the associated e-mail accounts listed below. To request an account to be associated with the calendar e-mail Aaron Bookvich ( with you request and include your Google email.

Adding an event

  1. 1. Once logged in you will be able to add events by clicking on the calendar date of the event.
  2. 2. A popup window will come up, in this window click on the "edit event details" link.
  3. 3. Enter the appropriate event information.
  4. 4. Verify that your centers calendar is the selected calendar.
  5. 5. Click Save.

Once you have saved the event it will be displayed on the calendar page. You may edit the event details at any time.

Additional Help & Instructions

For additional directions on using Google calendar visit: You may also contact Aaron Bookvich ( with any questions or issues concerning the NCBC calendar and the website.

NCBC Google Calendar Accounts

Below is a listing of Center contacts associated with each centers Google calendar.

Thank you, Aaron Bookvich, Zohara Cohen, and Peter Lyster